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Article Writing

Article writing for corporate is a very demanding work that requires the best of writers who have their way with words.

Nowadays corporate communications is booming with the amount of content to be released every hour on the various social networking sites. Keeping the content audience- engaging and interesting is what matters now. Hence, articles that are posted need to be short, crisp and subtle. People are sometimes surprised to find that writing well depends upon a number of different skill sets and that the writing itself sometimes represents the perfect icing on a very substantial cake.

  • Clarity
  • Brevity
  • Simplicity
  • Organized
  • Continuous flow of thoughts

The "big picture" capability

The writers' team has a clear ability of viewing the complete picture before building the content. The situation and the purpose of writing are well understood.


A daily check mail is sent reporting on the progress of the work because we understand the importance of letting our clients get a heads up on their work.

Interviewing skills

The team has a knack of getting all the information that is required, from their clients without being pushy or unsure. We do a lot of homework on what to get and how to streamline the information effectively.

Organizing the data

In order to create a complex article, it is required that the data be gotten from more than three sources which will lead to making numerous calls and emails depending on the availability of the sources.

Article Writing

  • The "big picture" capability
  • Accountability
  • Interviewing skills
  • Organizing the data

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