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Blog Writing

Blogs speak a lot about the organization in uncanny ways that are most unexpected. It is like a timed surprise package gift to oneself in terms of marketing and online presence.

Blog writing for corporate can be a powerful tool. It demonstrates your expertise, communicate your company culture, build a passionate following and most of all generate leads. Many organisations are still finding their voice online and corporate blogging is one way they can achieve this. The secret to success is accepting that a blog is not a traditional marketing tool. This will remove all the shackles related to press releases and corporate news.

Our Blog Writing service focuses on the following business related objectives.

  • Increasing Website Traffic
  • Social media mentions
  • Commenting
  • Interactions with the customers
  • Understanding customers' expectations

Search engine visibility

This can be a good way to improve your search engine ranking. Regular posting also encourages search engines to spider your site more often, which means your content is listed faster

Generating repeated viewers

Posts are released regularly so that it features in the social feeds of the viewers and they eventually follow the posts. This leads to repeated viewing frequency

Increased linking

Sharing links of interesting reads through various messaging applications has become the one way easy ticket to reaching maximum hits on the page.

Gaining customer feedback

This channel is an excellent feedback elicitor from the customer. Clients comment on these posts about their feedback on the post and prospective clients read this to get a clear view on what the fellow customers feel about the product/service.

Blog Writing

  • Search engine visibility
  • Generating repeated viewers
  • Increased linking
  • Gaining customer feedback

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