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Focused Sectors

The company has forayed into all the fields in the Indian market and holds no bar to analyse new ones too.

The Indian retail and consumer market is a wide ground that has new brands and commodities cropping up every day, each one fighting for its rightful place in the plethora. Having such a high demand for researching, the firm caters to this need by extending its horizon to welcome the new inventions with open hands and a sharp mind. In focused sectors we expertise in the following fields and gather information and untake many surveys to meet the requirements.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Being an expansive industry, this industry is the front runner in terms of requiring the assistance of research specialists to conduct professional surveys.

Hospitality and tourism industry

With each new entry vying to snatch the top spot in this industry that has service quality as the star badge, research specialists are recruited in small numbers but only the best are given the post.

Food, Agriculture and agro-products

Being the controversial field in terms of safety and hygiene issues, the top places keep changing every day and it is highly driven by the consumer feedback.

Education sector

This field decides the educational quality of the country and is hence very few in numbers as compared to the other fields but is equally demanding in terms of quality of education and infrastructure services.

Media and Entertainment

The entertainment sector is a booming industry that pins its success to the reception rate of its output by its audience. This field gauges carefully the feedback before embarking on the next project and modifies according to the needs of its clients.

Real Estate - Building and Construction industry

This industry treads on risky grounds because of its probability rate of success with each of its project outputs being tested over a period of time. Success comes late but the failure hits fast. To gauge the risk factors, the knowledgeable researchers are required in abundance.

Textile and Apparel

This field takes its business quite seriously because of the constant time limits that are set for each of its projects being released, to go outdated. Hence, their requirements are to just record the sales rate of its apparels because their next invention is being controlled internationally


This industry is the heavyweight of all the fields in India and is the real money spinner with new models and commodities releasing every week. The failure factors are high and customer feedback is the most essential thing in the research report and that will change the specifications of the next project.

Focused Sectors

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality and tourism industry
  • Food, Agriculture and agro-products
  • Education sector
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Real Estate- Building and Construction industry
  • Textile and Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care industry

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