Our Approach

Approaches in Market Research

Our Approach

Whites house follows the tried and tested methods of research process that includes going both the horizontal as well as the vertical ways.

Conducting a research involves choosing a method that best suits the product or the service to be reviewed. There are two sources and two methods to collect the information that is needed. One can go a step further to combine the methods to get the output that is required. The methods helps to gather the information and defines the type of information gathered. This helps to analyse the information gathered and take a decision that will reduce the risks.

Qualitative Research

This research requires going out and getting the needed data like customers feeling towards that brand, their level of satisfaction and the competitor's strategies of brand marketing.

Quantitative Research

This research will crunch some numbers using the financial data like numerical sales figures, financial trends, customer return rate, online and phone questionnaires and product sales number.

Primary Research

This research is purely done by observing live, the response of the customers, conducting surveys and personal interviews with the consumers.

Secondary Research

This research is collected from the indirect sources that are available on the internet like online feedback, existing market results and information from trusted agencies like the government websites.

Our Approach

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Primary research
  • Secondary research

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