Situation Analysis

Evaluation of Market Opportunities

Situation Analysis

Situation analysis takes account of the company's current position externally and internally taking into account, the important factors like customer, market position and the company's own capabilities.

In order to take a new step towards improvisation, one must gauge his current position. Situational analysis is done with the help of the popular 5Cs of analysing, Porter five forces analysis and the trusted SWOT analysis. Our researchers also focus on analysing the external and internal environmental analysis using PESTEL and other effective marketing tools. This is used to measure the effectiveness of competitive intensity and therefore its unique selling points. The 5Cs focused in this section are mentioned below.

  • Company
  • Collaborators
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Climate

Market Opportunity Evaluation

This is the initial step to check whether the product being built is really needed by the customers through feedback, financial extent of the company and the timing of the product release.

Competitive Intelligence

This technique is used to make a detailed study on the external factors that lie outside the company, like gathering information and converting it into intelligent data for business decision making.

Industry Report Preparation

This report is made as a result of all the research that was done in the previous steps to consolidate and represent the findings in diagrammatic forms for clearer understanding.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This process comes after the product is released wherein the customer feedback and the related factors are gauged.

Situation Analysis

  • Market Opportunity Evaluation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Industry Report Preparation
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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